MDPPMeter Data Provisioning Procedures (Australian energy market operator)
MDPPMIRAS (Microwave Imaging Radiometer by Aperture Synthesis) Demonstrator Pilot Project
MDPPMedical/Dental Preparatory Program (various universities)
MDPPMaryland Division of Parole and Probation (Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services)
MDPPMaximum Disjoint Paths Problem (networks)
MDPPMinimum Detectable Partial Pressure (gas analysis)
MDPPMobile Device Partnership Program (Followap; New York)
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As seen from Table II, EF1 and EF3 outperform the MF in terms of MDPP and logic utilization.
The evolved filters also outperform the MF in terms of MDPP.
MDPP actively pursued relationships with a wide range of treatment providers and community partners in federal, state and local governments; industry; social services; education; nonprofit organizations; and faith-based communities during the initial stage of implementing evidence-based principles (see Figure 2).
The confirmation that proactive community supervision is promising was presented to MDPP in February 2006 by the University of Maryland and Virginia Commonwealth University.
This residual water signal now corresponds to a 100 ppb MDPP level for water in the CIS system.
Typical MDPP values for CIS systems, fitted with an optional electron multiplier and operated in the RGA mode, are in the order of [10.
The MDPP program was established to promote the integration of Followap's iMMS(TM) client (Patent Pending) into mobile devices.
The 2017 PFS rule finalizes aspects of the expansion that will enable organizations, including those new to Medicare, to prepare for enrollment into Medicare as MDPP suppliers.
The MDPP will follow the existing model and will allow Medicare beneficiaries at risk for diabetes to access the core curriculum consisting of 16 sessions delivered by lifestyle coaches approximately once a week, followed by six sessions delivered on a monthly basis.
MDPP Director, Professor Karen Reynolds, says experts from Flinders Universitys Medical Device Partnering Program will run trials of the splint, which will help Fluoro Medical through the final development phase.
Since July 2013, the Program has received more than 75 project enquiries, 12 of which have received more than $30,000 of research and development assistance from the University s MDPP.
The prototype developed by the MDPP will later be integrated into clinical trials by Occulert Pty Ltd.