MDPPMIRAS (Microwave Imaging Radiometer by Aperture Synthesis) Demonstrator Pilot Project
MDPPMedical/Dental Preparatory Program (various universities)
MDPPMaryland Division of Parole and Probation (Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services)
MDPPMaximum Disjoint Paths Problem (networks)
MDPPMinimum Detectable Partial Pressure (gas analysis)
MDPPMobile Device Partnership Program (Followap; New York)
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MDPP Director, Professor Karen Reynolds, said that through the MTP, Flinders MDPP provided critical skills and support that small to middle sized enterprises (SMEs) would struggle to get otherwise.
This is why it is important that programs such as the MDPP exist to encourage collaboration between the relevant stakeholders in the innovation process, to leverage knowledge and fast-track development.
The confirmation that proactive community supervision is promising was presented to MDPP in February 2006 by the University of Maryland and Virginia Commonwealth University.
MDPP viewed community outreach and collaborations as vital to achieving its community supervision endeavors and as an effective means for educating community stakeholders about the agency's goals and objectives.
Interest in partnering with MDPP blossomed throughout the state but especially in Baltimore.
MDPP has established formal partnerships with local police departments around the state to ensure that local law enforcement works with the division to monitor the activities of supervisees and to expedite the removal of supervisees from the community when appropriate.
Also, the police and MDPP share information and intelligence.
A comprehensive partnership with the Mayor's Office of Employment Development in Baltimore provides both supervisees and ex-offenders with a broad range of services, and MDPP has assigned a community resource coordinator
The MDPP will design and prototype the device in line with the needs of surgical procedures through a 250-Hour Project.