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MDQMar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Airport Code)
MDQMaximum Daily Quantity
MDQMood Disorder Questionnaire
MDQManagement Development Questionnaire (Alan Cameron; competency assessment)
MDQMillion Dollar Quartet (band)
MDQMarket Driven Quality
MDQMinimum Detectable Quantity
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Unoxidized linolenic and docosahexaenoic acids constitute <5% of the total PUFAs, and their oxidation products are well below the MDQ of this method.
4) This was the prevalence found in a large-scale community screening study by Hirschfield and colleagues that used the MDQ, a validated self-report screening instrument for bipolar disorders.
The overall lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorders, as indicated by positive MDQ screens, was 3.
Psychiatrists may want to provide a copy of the MDQ to PCPs with whom they frequently collaborate.
A and on the American Stock Exchange in the USA under the symbol MDQ.
6% screened positive for bipolar disorder using the MDQ, regardless of the number of previous medication trials.
Plasma was deproteinized and filtered, before measurement using a P/ACETM MDQ electrophoresis system (Beckman Coulter, Mexico City, Mexico).
It has been translated into many languages, and many studies examined the sensitivity and specificity of the MDQ in detecting BPD (27,28).
Materialistic depression can also be measured diagnostically using the African-centered culture-focused Azibo Nosology of mental disorders (Azibo, 1989, 2013, 2014), but only the MDQ was used.
El sitio de muestreo correspondiente a MDQ se halla sobre fondos arenosos, con un rango de temperatura media superficial entre 9 y 17[degrees]C y una salinidad promedio de 35 (Guerrero et al.
Azibo (2013 c) found that high MDQ scorers had higher depression scores than low MDQ scorers indicating that materialistic depression appears to be a bona fide masked depression.