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MDQMar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Airport Code)
MDQMaximum Daily Quantity
MDQMood Disorder Questionnaire
MDQManagement Development Questionnaire (Alan Cameron; competency assessment)
MDQMillion Dollar Quartet (band)
MDQMarket Driven Quality
MDQMinimum Detectable Quantity
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Yuan Gao, President and CEO of MDQ and former Professor at Johns Hopkins University.
Next, they completed the questionnaire, which contained the demographics section, the SHQ, and the MDQ.
Sigma-Aldrich licensed its MDQ technology from the Epigentek Group.
Benthic fauna was collected during the evaluation cruises carried out in the two management sectors (CC 05/06 and CC 06/06 INIDEP respectively); 85 stations were sampled in a Northern Sector (March 30 to April 10, 2006; Areas North, MDQ and Reclutas) between 37[degrees]00'S 39[degrees]30'S and 83-128 m depth and 40 stations were sampled in a southern sector (May 29 to June 7, 2006; Areas San Bias, SAO, SWSAO, Valdes, Tango B, SW Tango B and FUS) between 39[degrees]34'S-43[degrees]53'S and 87-133 m depth (Fig.
MDQ's first project has been a limited-edition art book combining the text of Martin's poem Snowflakes with a CD of MDQ playing the poem, accompanying specially-created images by artist Noelle Griffiths.
Enhanced Reporting of Historical Changes to MDFR and MDQ
Six of the seven MDQ-positive patients also had a positive diagnosis on the Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale, as did another seven of the remaining 47 patients (15%) with epilepsy who were negative on the MDQ.
In addition, one-third of patients whose medication for their depression was not right for them and that they had been told by a doctor they had anxiety and felt people were unfriendly toward them, screened positive for bipolar disorder, using the MDQ.
The P/ACE MDQ-Finnigan LCQDUO CE/MS/MS system is the combination of Beckman Coulter's P/ACE MDQ CE system and ThermoQuest's Finnigan LCQDUO, two highly successful and influential technologies.
The pipeline recently installed a flow controller on GUC's city gate stations which mechanically limit Greenville's firm supply MDQ.
The new P/ACE(TM) MDQ -- Finnigan LCQ(TM)(1) DUO was previewed in February at HPCE 2000 in Saarbrucken, Germany.