MDRAMinnesota Distance Running Association
MDRAMarine Design Resource Alliance
MDRAMidwest Drag Racers Association
MDRAMalta Drag Racing Association
MDRAMaryland Delaware Rocketry Association, Inc.
MDRAMason Dixon Riders Association
MDRAMarketing and Development Research Associates
MDRAMission Definition and Requirements Agreement (NASA)
MDRAMaster of Drug Regulatory Affairs (degree; Germany)
MDRAMulti-Disease Risk Assessment
MDRAMagneto-Dielectric Resonator Antenna
MDRAManagement Development Research Agency (India)
MDRAMontana Dude Ranchers Association
MDRAMinnesota Deputy Registrar's Association
MDRAMemphis Depot Redevelopment Agency
MDRAMarina Del Rey Anglers
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As an expression of faith in the fairness of ranking conducted by MDRA, as many as 268 colleges fulfilling the eligibility criteria submitted their objective data within the stipulated deadline.
B-School Physical Audits (Verification): To further verify authenticity of the data submitted, MDRA researchers visited 72 B-schools across the country.
Since its introduction, the MDRA has undergone a few revisions consistent with advances in Department of the Navy policies, information technology and the cybersecurity requirements associated with these new technologies, for example, the use of stronger encryption cipher algorithms.
Although initially conceived as a procurement tool, the MDRA has evolved into an effective means of quantifying the risk introduced by medical devices.
In this paper, we propose a novel detection mechanism based on MDRA to show how to detect DDoS attack traffic effectively and in real time.
In this section, our novel method is separated into three components, that is, traffic feature dimensionality reduction, traffic feature correlation analysis, and attack detection framework based on MDRA and threshold.
In order to recheck the results obtained calculating FIC index for PMB, which indicated synergy, two strains were selected to examine the effect of PMB/essential oil combination during time against MDRA.
The MDRA was developed because some tumors have the ability to resist chemotherapy from the beginning of treatment or develop that ability after therapy has started.
Studies to validate the MDRA will begin immediately.
B-schools fulfilling the eligibility criteria were contacted to participate in the survey through multiple ways: a) sending formal invitation along with the objective questionnaire, b) putting objective questionnaire on the websites of Business Today and MDRA to increase awareness, c) multiple e-mails, telephonic calls to remind the colleges about timely participation, and d) follow-ups to clarify any doubts related to participation/questionnaire.
During the objective survey, MDRA ensured that all institutes are fully aware that there is no fee/charge for participation in this ranking.
It is also one reason why Business Today's ranking of India's Best B-Schools, in association with MDRA, is slotted for this time of the year.