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MDRCMdt Readout Controller
MDRCManpower Demonstration Research Corporation
MDRCMobile Disaster Recovery Center (US FEMA)
MDRCMichigan Disability Rights Coalition
MDRCMy Dear Reader Chum
MDRCMinority Data Resource Center (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)
MDRCMongolian Development Research Center
MDRCMemory Disorders Research Center (Boston University; Massachusetts)
MDRCManufacturing Design Rule Checker
MDRCMulti-Disciplinary Robotics Club (Rochester Institute of Technology; New York)
MDRCManagement Decision Research Center
MDRCMedical Dispatch Review Committee
MDRCMovement Disorders Research and Rehabilitation Centre (Wilfrid Laurier University; Canada)
MDRCMinnesota Dental Research Center
MDRCMotorcycle Drag Racing Club
MDRCMike Duffy Race Cars (Moore, OK)
MDRCMalibu Dolphin Recovery Center
MDRCMulti-axis Dynamic Response Criterion
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41) Thus, for example, a private philanthropy might ask MDRC to create, and subsequently evaluate the success of, a program tailored toward that philanthropy's charitable goals.
If the program fails, MDRC can use the Bloomberg money to re-pay Goldman part of the loan.
After the MDRC study came out, Vallas said the district could not afford to continue the existing Talent Development High Schools, let alone expand the program intact.
In evaluating the program, MDRC found that students who received the scholarship were more likely to enroll full-time, improved retention rates, passed more courses and earned more credits.
The most common--and most reliable--sources are: the Metiri Group, an educational think tank in Culver City, CA; MDRC, an education-oriented public policy organization with offices in New York City and Oakland, CA; the Washington, DC-based Consortium for School Networking, an organization of K-12 technology leaders; and Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning, an independent, nonprofit research group in Denver.
As part of a larger MDRC study of welfare reform, Marchevsky interviewed a number of Latina immigrants who received aid for themselves and their children.
LaShawn Richeburg-Hayes, a senior research associate at the social policy research organization MDRC, spoke at the symposium about the Louisiana Opening Doors Project.
A new report from MDRC, a nonprofit social policy research group, acknowledges that reforms for low-performing high schools only really gel with district support.
AIR will subcontract with several other leading education research organizations to establish the High School Center, including MDRC, Learning Point Associates, the National Center for Educational Accountability, WestEd, the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network and the National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities at Clemson University.
2002b), The Family Transition Programme: Final Report on Florida's Initial Time-Limited Welfare Programme, New York, MDRC.
12) MDRC, "Support Success: Services that May Help Low-Income Students Succeed in Community College," 2004.