MDRIMental Disability Rights International
MDRIMultilateral Debt Relief Initiative (International Monetary Fund)
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Firstly, the MDRI expression level was compared between MCF-7/adr and MCF-7 cells by Western blot analysis, which confirmed MDR1 overexpression in MCF-7/adr cells (Fig.
To verify the effect of DOX on MDRI expression, MG-63 cells were treated with DOX to detect MDR1 mRNA level at each time point.
Due to the outdated MDRIs (12) typically used for military personnel, energy was compared to the Department of Agriculture's dietary guidelines (20) for Americans' estimated energy intake for males and females aged 18 to 25 years with a moderate physical activity level.
The HIPC Initiatives and the MDRI both recognize the two major sovereign credit suppliers, the World Bank and the IMF, both have certain obligations built into their Articles of Agreement to support member nations burdened by debt.
In 2007, MDRI, which promotes human rights in this field, published a damning report on Serbia, highlighting habitual use of physical restraints and degrading treatment in Serbian care homes.
One may say that this argument finally carried the day in 2005 with the MDRI and that the opportunity exists for domestic political processes in a number of countries--in particular, where civil society organizations are able to play their advocacy and monitoring role--for local priorities to shape the use of the budgetary funds freed up by the MDRI.
We estimate that IDA, IMF, ADF, and IaDB will provide, in present value dollars, almost $29 billion in MDRI debt relief for 41 countries over the next several decades, with the U.
A central plank of the MDRI is the enforcement of compliance with the Insurance Act of 2003 and the Pension Reform Act of 2004, which identify sixteen lines of insurance that are compulsory (such as Compulsory Third Party Motor Liability CTMPL and building insurance).
In both AML and ALL at onset, all of the CR cases were negative for MDR1, and the mean level of MDRI transcription in positive cases increased with increasing clinical drug resistance.
A human rights lawyer, Rosenthal started MDRI in 1993 at a time when the rights of people with mental disabilities were practically ignored around the world.