MDRPMedicaid Drug Rebate Program
MDRPMulti-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (Africa)
MDRPMood Disorders Research Program (Yale University)
MDRPMongolian Democratic Renaissance Party
MDRPMotor-Driven Rotary Prism
MDRPMac DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Ripper Pro (software)
MDRPMinistère du Développement Rural et de la Pêche (French: Ministry of Rural Development and Fishing)
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The Multistage Data Routing Protocol MDRP [17] enhances AVRP by dividing the Voronoi scope associated with each mobile sink into multiple layers based on the gradient information of sensor nodes, in order to further constrain the scope of local broadcasts.
Once finalized, the updated NDRA will need to be signed by all manufacturers currently participating in the MDRP.
Virgin Islands) in the definitions of States and United States under the MDRP from April 1, 2017 to April 1, 2020.
Inhaled, infused, instilled, implanted and injected drugs (5i drugs) that are not generally dispensed to Retail Community Pharmacies (RCPs, a term that includes most chain drug stores) are not included in the calculation of a FUL, nor are drugs that have been terminated from the MDRP.
24) Under the MDRP, however, drug manufacturers were
entities an upfront discount, while the MDRP operates with a post-sale
Validate whether MDRP rebate payments, SPAP rebates, ADAP rebates, SCHIP rebates, Medicare Part D Coverage Gap rebates, TRICARE rebates, 340B PHS Covered Entity chargebacks and commercial MCO rebates are being correctly included or excluded from price calculations and that the utilization reported is validated prior to payment, to avoid revenue leakage associated with counting the same units over for redundant rebates.
After a mid-term evaluation criticized the MDRP for confusing national ownership with government ownership, the program realized that ownership should not mean to give the host government a carte blanche (ibid; Klem & Frerks, 2007: 64-6).
According to IESCO's spokesperson, the power supply of different feeders and grid stations would remain suspended for the period from, 08:00am to 08:30am and 17:00pm to 17:30pm Mirpur, MDRP, Hamlet, Bong, Power House, Mirpur-4, Mangla Colony, Bong, Mirpur-2, FKTM, Puran, S.
Anne Reel, the Director of IIR's 13th Annual Medicaid Drug Rebate Summit, says, "The pharmaceutical manufacturers are devoting more internal resources to adapt to new MDRP processes as a result of the DRA and are incurring increased costs due to pending litigations and planning compliance strategies.
On 25 May From 08:00am to 17:30pm, Mirpur, MDRP, Hamlet, Bong, Power
Stockholders approved the MDRP at the company's Annual Meeting of Stockholders on April 16, 1998.