MDSIMultiple (Destination) Digital Speech Interpolation
MDSIMobile Data Solutions Inc.
MDSIManufacturing Data Systems, Inc. (Dexter, MI)
MDSIMedical Distribution Solutions Inc. (Norcross, GA)
MDSIMOCAS Data-Sharing Initiative (US DoD)
MDSIMountain Data Systems, Inc (Boise, Idaho)
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By extending their wireless expertise to Internet-enabled phones, MDSI provides customers with greater choice.
Fremont, California-based AtRoad says its services are used by 125,000 workers in North America every day, while MDSI says it has a 100-strong customer base.
The MDSI U-CAD R-5 system is MDSI's "next generation" computer-aided dispatch system developed over the last two years and in operation already in North America as of spring 1995.
com; or Rick Wadsworth, Investor Relations of MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc.
According to Dukat, "The union of Indus and MDSI truly changes the landscape of the Service Delivery Management market.
MDSI Mobile Data Solutions is the leading provider of business applications and mobility solutions for companies that fully integrate mobile resources with the enterprise.
The combined footprint of Indus and MDSI will create the most attractive suite of products for the market.
This further enhances their ability to run not only MDSI applications but also Intranet-based and mainframe applications to compound the level of functionality for their field workers.
In an exhibit format, MDSI will demonstrate its Advantex field force automation solution with its Windows CE-based mobile application operating live over the nationwide BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network(SM).
Those beneficial shareholders with MDSI common shares held through an intermediary such as a broker, investment dealer, bank, trust company or other nominee, do not need to physically deliver any share certificate(s) and should contact their intermediary for assistance in surrendering their MDSI common shares.
In only 18 months, MDSI has assembled an impressive roster of cable companies, and we are especially pleased to have the opportunity to add Cablevision Systems Corporation, one of the largest cable operators in the U.
MDSI is an official SAP partner and its Advantex product includes a certified interface for IS-Utilities.