MDSRMulti-Dimensional Space Rotation (encryption technology)
MDSRMulti-Driver Status Register (computing)
MDSRMajlis Daerah Simpang Renggam (Malay: District Council of Simpang Renggam)
MDSRMedical Device Safety Report
MDSRMuscat Depository & Securities Registration (Oman)
MDSRMeasurement Data Set Record
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Chubb is delighted to provide financial support for the MDSR.
In addition to alerting healthcare professionals, MDSR provides medical device manufacturers a site to research FDA submissions and educate users to help reduce adverse incidents.
MDSR is a new encryption system designed to meet the need for high-level digital data security, which has been generated with the growth of the Internet and Intranets.
The encryption system used by MDSR is based on Multi-Dimensional Space Rotation (MDSR) and Time-Dependent Multi-Dimensional Space Rotation (MDSR-TD).