MDSSMaintenance Decision Support System
MDSSMedical Support Squadron
MDSSMarketing Decision Support System
MDSSMedical Device Safety Service GmbH (Hannover, Germany)
MDSSMaterial Data Safety Sheet
MDSSMAGTF Deployment Support System
MDSSMedical Data Surveillance System
MDSSMeteorological Data Sounding System
MDSSMultiple Dwell Serial Search
MDSSMaryland Street Scene
MDSSMulti-Dynamic Sound System
MDSSMicrosoft Directory Synchronization Service
MDSSMulticast Distributed Shortcut Switching (Cisco)
MDSSMobilization Decision Support System
MDSSMobile Data System Studio (RIM)
MDSSManchester Dental Student Society (UK)
MDSSMedical and Dental Servicing Section (UK MoD)
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In addition, Castens commented that MDSS personnel were both prompt and professional.
Thus, we will encourage providers to build management systems around the MDSS.
One, how should an MDSS be used, in what context, and who should use it?
For more information on the MDSS project, please visit the Projects and Programs page of the FHWA Road Weather Management Program Web site at www.
Individual program sites are operated by several private social service agencies through contracts with MDSS.
The MDSS statistical files are generated by combining information from SSA on beneficiary eligibility with claims information from the CWF.
holds over 70 patented method and system claims related to smart modems for vehicular and roadside applications and road weather and maintenance systems, including, without limitation, functionality core to MDSS, AVL, MDC and other road and weather services.
After several years of research, and with the support of prominent medical and scientific professionals who shared their commitment to advancing the science of sun protection, MDSS developed its science-based, ultraviolet radiation (UV) protection system, featuring an array of solar protection products and educational programs.
The STWDSR project, which began in 1999, is aimed at next-generation requirements that are being demonstrated through the MDSS, now in its second prototype-development year.
The Meridian state-of-the-science MDSS provides detailed and accurate information at the route level enabling the efficient maintenance of roads and highways while optimizing resource use and reducing costs.