MDSUMobile Diving and Salvage Unit
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Increasing joint training exercises is not a recommendation offered only by the authors of this article; one Navy officer from MDSU 2 expressed the same desire to start scheduling Army-Navy dive exercises.
Commenting on MDSU, Putney says, "The significant weekly increases in enrollment and user feedback have confirmed the broad-based interest our research shows users have in finding ways to reduce training costs and the financial impact of employee turnover.
EOD MU and MDSU commanding officers rely on their ESE senior leader to anticipate and resolve logistics challenges, and provide the resources needed for uninterrupted EOD operations.
The EODESU concept and deployed capabilities will continue to evolve with EOD and MDSU operations.
MDSU 1 divers assisted their ROK counterparts through several workups and prepared the Salvor's hyperbaric chamber to pressurize the ROK divers.
The thing we were most concerned about for our divers was their safety," said NDCS Ted Walker, MDSU 1's master diver.
ND1(DSW) Quentin Felderman, assistant lead petty officer for MDSU 1, explained the challenging nature of the dives.
Dan Shultz, commanding officer, MDSU 2 and Juliett Mission commander, this project provides a valuable opportunity for both Army and Navy divers to hone their expeditionary diving and salvage skills in a real-world setting, skills that are vital in support of the nation's strategy for Maritime Security, including peacetime support to international humanitarian and disaster relief, engagement with international partners, as well as wartime missions.
Underwater there was zero-to-one foot of visibility; you had to find your way around by touching," said Chief Hospital Corpsman (DSW/SW) Dean Delfavero of MDSU 2.
MDSU 2 has experience working in difficult conditions.
However, with the new focus of today's military, MDSU 1 has had to return to their roots to maintain operational relevancy.
These days, MDSU can go anywhere and everywhere--all while providing their own protection, support and communications.