MDUSMachine Drawing Understanding System (mechanical engineering)
MDUSMedium Data Utilization System
MDUSMeter Data Unification & Synchronization (utilities)
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As our first customer to utilize this version of eMeter's SAP MDUS and the first global utility to implement SAP IS-U EhP5, CPS Energy is already realizing their Smart Grid goals and making energy literacy a reality for their customers.
Through integration with SAP for Utilities, the eMeter EnergyIP MDUS Bundle will deliver additional choices and flexibility for organizations running SAP software.
By 2016, Berg Insight projects that the smart meter penetration rate will increase to 52 percent in Europe alone, and the Gridstream MDUS 2.
As an SAP-qualified business solution, Itron Enterprise Edition MDUS will provide utilities with a smart grid solution that offers integration with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software.
The SSLC is also the testing center for the SAP Lighthouse Council assuring interoperability between SAP and MDUS vendors.
The OSIsoft MDUS product will provide the data capture and historical repository.
SAP is establishing a connection to digital meters using the OSIsoft MDUS offering, an SAP-endorsed business solution.
AGL plans to go live with OSIsoft MDUS in September 2011, and the system could grow to 5 million meters by 2014 as new service territories deploy AMI meters.
This community-powered online marketplace makes it easier for customers to discover, evaluate and purchase partner solutions - such as the OSIsoft MDUS System - that complement SAP applications.
The OSIsoft MDUS was chosen because it has the flexibility to support the requirements of their British Gas retail group in the highly competitive U.
The OSIsoft MDUS delivers clean integration between a utility's meter system and SAP AMI Integration for Utilities and provides the ability to integrate meter data with other operational data.