MEAAMedia Entertainment and Arts Alliance
MEAAMuseum of East Asian Art (UK)
MEAAMitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc.
MEAAMontenegrin Ethnic Association of Australia
MEAAMedia and Arts Alliance (Australia)
MEAAModified Essential Amino Acid (cell protein measurement index)
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As shown in Table 3, BAA and PhAA were detected in 93% of the women's urinary samples and MEAA in more than half.
The company revealed it was about to embark on a carefully thought-through restructuring process," Sydney Morning Herald quoted MEAA, saying in a statement.
Most disturbingly, the MEAA has presumed to act as a mouthpiece for Aborigines, arguing that it is overcrowding, poor health outcomes and poor policing levels that need to be addressed, not the permit system.
MEAA member Chris Haywood said: "The Telstra ads fail to properly use Billy Connolly's great talents.
Mickey Kurisaki, MEAA president and CEO said, "Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to high quality and service goes back many years, as does our relationship with General Motors.
MEAA members want a "modest pay rise" of about three per cent on paid rates for each year of the new agreement, as well as improvement of the crew's job security.
MEAA snack growth was slightly offset by a low-single-digit volume decline in India due in part to a potato shortage.
When asked why they simply didn't avail themselves of a third-party for dyno capability, DeLano answers that outsourcing is something that they try not to do at MEAA.
MEAA anticipates spending over 100 employee and family member man-hours by the time the project is completed.
5) 2 (5) PI 4/11* 20 18 8/12* 23 19 MEAA 9/10* 22 18 12/10* 25 20 UKEU 1/13* 17 17 5/18* 21 18 Total PepsiCo 2/3* 11 4 3/4* 13 7 *snacks/beverages
5 39 33 PAB -1 1 -7 -1 3 -1 PI 10/13* 25 18 10/13* 25 20 UKEU 8/20* 24 19 8/22* 24 19 MEAA 13/10* 25 16 14/10* 27 22 Total PepsiCo 4/5* 14 7 4/4* 14 8 *snacks/beverages