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MEACMid-Eastern Athletic Conference
MEACMidwifery Education Accreditation Council
MeACMeasuring Progress of eAccessibility in Europe
MEACMediator Ethics Advisory Committee (Florida court system)
MEACMinimum Effective Anesthetic Concentration
MEACMunicipal Energy Authority Computer (from BOFH)
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i] was denoted as time interval when concentration of drug in effect compartment is lower than MEAC.
By presenting the champions of the MEAC and SWAC conferences in this bowl game, we expose millions of fans to the excitement of championship football.
MEAC will run in parallel with Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2016 at Al Bateen Executive Airport from the 8th to the 10th of March 2016.
24) See also MEAC 2006-003 ("The mediator's inclusion of communications showing a lack of authority to settle in the mediator's report violates the prohibition against disclosure of confidential communications by the mediator.
It's been a long time since they had a MEAC championship and the first time ever going to the playoffs.
Pierre Debayle, regional manager, Nespresso MEAC says it only gets coffee from traceable sources.
Speaking about the launch of the first ever Nespresso recycling program in the Middle East, Pierre Debayle, Regional Manager, Nespresso MEAC, said: "Nespresso is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance across its value chain.
Harcum alumni have transferred to some of the top NCAA Division I athletic programs in the nation such as the Big East, ACC, WAC, Big South, MEAC, Mid American Conference, Metro Athletic Conference, and Ohio Valley Conference.
At the APA scientific session where interim data were released from the MEAC study, one audience member rose to call the findings "catastrophic.
MEAC, ADS and FAC plan to open two more offices in Bahrain and Qatar within the next year.