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MEADSMaintenance Engineering Analysis Data System
MEADSMedium Extended Air Defense System
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During the tests, the MEADS MFCR successfully demonstrated several advanced capabilities, many of which are critical for ground-mobile radar systems.
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The certified IFF system is used in both MEADS 360-degree radar configurations.
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The Surveillance Radar acquired both targets and provided target cues to the MEADS battle manager, which generated cue commands for the MFCR.
MEADS is designed to maximize the system's ability to identify friendly aircraft,' said MEADS International Technical Director Marco Riccetti.
Now, development of MEADS is essentially done, and the system is ready to demonstrate what it can do.
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Further, discontinuing funding for MEADS does not seem likely to irrevocably alter defense procurement cooperation between the U.
The tests, including operational demonstrations run by German and Italian military personnel, were designed to seamlessly add and subtract system elements under representative combat conditions, and to blend MEADS with other systems in a larger system architecture:
No other transportable air and missile defense radar provides the MEADS combination of 360-degree coverage, superior range and positioning flexibility, said MEADS International President Dave Berganini.