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MEAHMission Nationale d'Expertise et d'Audit Hospitaliers (French: National Mission for Expertise and Hospital Auditing)
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Ms Meah said: "We are thrilled with the award and our thanks go to all of our customers who nominated us.
Mr Meah said the store had been delighted to help: "They are a great bunch of people who use the centre and the volunteers who make it all possible.
HELPING HAND: Coventry University media production student Anwar Meah with youngsters at the Taliet Al-Roz School for Boys in Amman, Jordan
Nafees Meah, Head of Science, Climate, Energy, Science and Analysis, Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Mamoun Abdulmenan, Farouk Jamal, Suman Meah, Mohammed Suman, Shafiq Al-Islam, Masoud Shamsulhaq, Abu Hussein Ahmed and Muteer Al-Rahman were executed in the capital, said an Interior Ministry statement carried by the news agency.
But today as she prepares to savour an extra special Mother's Day with Timothy, partner Scott Donnachie, 26, and six-year-old daughter, Meah, Caren's story offers hope to the 8000 women under 40 diagnosed with breast cancer every year.
La chute de l'euro finira par nous achever, >> expliqua Musa Meah, president de la BFFEA, association des exportateurs d'aliments surgeles du Bangladesh, un groupement commercial.
Fatah leaders pay condolence call, claim Meah She'arim as theirs.
With Honours students, Meah Velik-Lord and Joanne North, Dr Parris found that the southern brown tree frog was adapting to urban noise by producing a squeakier and higher-pitched call.
Paul Meah walked into a police station half an hour after starting the blaze and confessed towhat he had done.