MEALACMiddle East-Asian Languages and Cultures
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The ad hoc faculty grievance committee cleared Massad and MEALAC of promoting anti-Semitism, intimidating Jewish students, and punishing pro-Israel students with poor grades, but it did conclude that some allegations against Massad were "credible," pointing specifically to the charge that he had asked a Jewish student to leave his class.
What is truly amazing about Columbia University's response to Professor Massad is that it failed to recognize or mention that the real crisis involving Massad was not that students had complained about his ideas, but that he and other members of MEALAC were systematically being harassed by the popular press, Zionist groups, and right-wing pro-Israel students.
as if they are still pending investigation, knowing full well that the Columbia University Ad Hoc Committee had cleared MEALAC of all charges in its final report a year before ACTA released its screed.