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MEASMarine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Department, North Carolina State University)
MEASMission Essential Avionics Spares
MEASMcCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Northwestern University)
MEASMulti-Element Antenna System
MEASMetrology Engineering Applications Solutions, Inc.
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The damage was caused by the flooding of the Ghadir River, according to a state-run engineering firm's consultant's report, "which confirms that the Ghadir River and its course is outside the scope of the work of MEAS and its contract with the Lebanese government," the statement added.
Liverpool City Council told MEAS the land next to Speke sidings was already earmarked for development.
If the MEAS document is formally adopted, it is thought MWDA will have little choice but to choose two of these 11 sites for their new plants.
Among the advanced technologies comprised in MEAS sensors are: piezoresistive applications, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and piezopolymers.
MEAS said the report has been removed from their website so it could be updated with the comments, and is expected back this week.
One thing MEAS and the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority can be assured of is that I, and the residents of Moreton, will fight with every weapon we have to oppose landfill on this site.
A spokeswoman for MEAS said the report "identified the key issues arising from public consultation".
Specializing in economically mass-producing miniaturized components for high volume, customer-specific applications, MEAS Switzerland Sarl has supplied tens of millions of sensors on its highly-automated production lines.
But, although Wirral Council's cabinet endorsed a report by officers describing these sites as unsuitable, Cllr Moseley, who has been at the forefront of a campaign against them, said MEAS was still actively considering the sites.
But the published list from MEAS includes a sixth - Bromborough Dock North.
But partygoers were urged by MEAS, the alcohol responsibility group, to be clued-in about the dangers.
MEAS has also proposed a further 35 smaller sites suitable for other possible plants.