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MEATMost Economically Advantageous Tender (project management)
MEATMankind for Ethical Animal Treatment
MEATMammals Eating Animals Today
MEATMaturity Evaluation and Analysis Tool (DoD developed software)
MEATMost Excellent Asynchronous Tool (software)
MEATMiddle Ear Adenomatous Tumor
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An ugly snout was raised, two rows of keen teeth snapped shut as a scissors- like jaw opened, and the meat was gone.
With an accent like gritting your teeth, it is true, and with a grammar that is no improvement on blasphemy - still, with practice you get at the meat of what he says, and it serves.
So I bought the cuckoo clock; and if I ever get home with it, he is "my meat," as they say in the mines.
Then he moved his pork nearer to the fire, and sat down to the agreeable business of tending the meat and warming himself at the same time.
The merchants then threw great lumps of meat into the valley.
If you can tell me what you will get for your roast meat, you shall be free, and shall also keep the whip.
The persons of rank never touch what they eat, but have their meat cut by their pages, and put into their mouths.
Back at a bend in the road he heard a rumbling and a lumbering, when up drove a stout butcher, whistling gaily, and driving a mare that sped slowly enough because of the weight of meat with which the cart was loaded.
There they found Nestor sitting with his sons, while his company round him were busy getting dinner ready, and putting pieces of meat on to the spits {26} while other pieces were cooking.
On the following morning they rose early, made another hearty meal, then loading themselves with buffalo meat, set out on their return to the camp, to report the fruitlessness of their mission.
They belonged to a party of Snakes who had come across the mountains on their autumnal hunting excursion to provide buffalo meat for the winter.
Then the woman served up four different things, roast meat, salad, cakes, and wine.