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Sunnyvale's tool set includes two CORE laser lithography systems and two upgraded MEBES III electron beam lithography systems.
TSMC's Electron Beam Operation has a tradition of operational excellence that is reflected in eJobview, which permits foundry mask data review within hours of MEBES creation," said Dr.
Upgrades to the ALTA and MEBES products reflect Etec's commitment to enhance our customers' substantial investment in existing systems," stated Steve Cooper, Etec's president.
The seamless integration of GDSII and MEBES data compression technology with CATS software enables designers to read, write and view gdzip and mezip compression files on-the-fly without having to decompress them on disk.
provider of secure, cross platform enterprise collaboration software solutions, announces a licensing agreement with Toppan Chunghwa Electronics Taiwan, (TCE) a member of the Toppan Group, for Oridus' MebesCruiser Web-based MEBES (Manufacturing Electronic Beam Exposure System) reader tool and SpaceCruiser desktop sharing and Web collaboration solution.
Another option, called Qckvu for PROLITH, enables users to quickly view a full-chip GDS-II or MEBES design file, and select a critical region for simulation.
The MDP portfolio also includes Calibre FRACTUREm(TM) for the MEBES mask writing format and Calibre MDPView(TM), the multi-format viewing and job deck environment.
Constantine "Deno" Macricostas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Photronics noted, "Almost 20 years ago, the Brookfield site, which was the only site in what has now become a cohesive 11 site global manufacturing network, installed the Company's first electron beam system, a MEBES I.
provider of powerful, secure enterprise collaboration software solutions, and UMC (NYSE:UMC), a world-leading foundry, announced today that UMC has expanded its online customer-oriented services with Oridus' Web-based mask data MEBES (Manufacturing Electronic Beam Exposure System 2) reader tool, MebesCruiser.
The Mesa, Arizona operation, with its complement of high-end photomask manufacturing technology -- including the high-end MEBES 4500 electron beam pattern generation system and KLA 351 inspection tool -- has primarily been supporting Motorola facilities located in North America.
To date, testing shows up to 10-50 times reductions in hierarchical data volume from GDSII, and up to two or more times reduction in flat data volume from MEBES mode5 format.