MEBPMGMT (Methyl Guanine Methyl Transferase) Enhancer Binding Protein
MEBPMinistry of Economy and Budget Planning (Kazakhstan)
MEBPMedway Education Business Partnership (UK)
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MEBP seeks an experienced national company for building the capacity of teachers to carry out educational activities for school children of 7th and 8th grades and "Bioenergy Summer Camp" regarding renewable energy sources in general, and biomass in particular, within public schools from the MEBP (phase II) communities receiving biomass-based installations for heating and solar systems for provisions of hot water.
Upon completion of the draft report, the auditor should first hold a debriefing meeting with Responsible Parties and MEBP representatives, to discuss findings and recommendations for future improvements, as well as to seek their feedback thereon.
Present the findings and recommendations of the assignment to all interested rayon administrations in a public presentation organized in coordination with MEBP.