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MECCAModel Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment
MECCAMuslim Educational and Cultural Committee for Awareness
MECCAMissile Environment Computer Control Analysis
MECCAManitoba Excellence in Customer Contact Achievement (Award)
MECCAMedical Education and Communication Company Alliance
MECCAMaterials Exchange Center for Community Arts (Eugene, Oregon)
MECCAMinnesota Educational Computing Corporation
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In Mecca, for any operator, it is not the same as everywhere else in the world," says Hyatt regional vice president Daoud.
In the presence of the Tripoli Post correspondent, the Saudi Arabian deputy ambassador Hazzai Al-Enaz, in the meeting held together with the Muslim community at the Royal Saudi Arabian embassy at Kololo, Kampala, confirmed that Ugandan Muslims are now free to make pilgrimage to Mecca this year.
According to CNN, millions of people visit Mecca and Medina annually, and the number is only expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.
Despite its religious significance for every Muslim, there is no doubt that Mecca was little active on the political scene after the Prophet's death.
Mecca,SaudiArabia (AFP) -- Muslim pilgrims completed their final hajj rituals in theSaudicity of Mecca on Monday as the annual pilgrimage came to a close without any major incidents.
Those wishing to enter Mecca are subject to a thorough inspection process, making sure that pilgrims have the right Hajj permit.
Osama al-Bar, the Mayor of Mecca, is waiting to receive bids from developers to construct and operate the solar power plants, and will make a decision as to the winner by the 5th of January next year.
Ultimately, Backer converts to Islam, and undertakes one of the religion's defining practices - pilgrimage to Mecca.
According to Mecca Design and Production's Kenneth Mecca, "Working with BET is simple and straightforward.
Mecca World Group and Alain Robert share the view that you have to be passionate about what you do and fight for what you believe in.
Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars in recent years in safety and comfort for the millions of pilgrims who flock to Mecca to fulfill their religious duties of Haj and Umra.
5 million pilgrims flow to Mecca annually to perform the Hajj.