MECFMassachusetts Extended Care Federation
MECFMetro-East Christian Fellowship (O'Fallon, IL)
MECFMiddle East Constitutional Forum
MECFMarginal Efficiency Cost of Funds (economics)
MECFModell Eisenbahn Club Flawil (German: Model Railroad Club Flawil; Flawil, Switzerland)
MECFMinimum Edge-Cost Flow (algorithmic problem)
MECFMiscellaneous Exercise Chronological File (USCG)
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Under SERCO--the United Kingdom-based company which was sacked in 2015 from running MECF after publicity around inmate fight clubs --HCAs had been administering medications.
The MECF corresponding to the tax rate applied to good i, MECFi, can be written MECFi=[x.
There is a MECF for the tax imposed on each of the n commodities and in general one, say h, will be the highest, and another, say I, the lowest, so MECFh>MECFl.
that the financial condition of the nursing home industry is serious, that there is no reason to expect improvement soon, and that the potential for quality of care to deteriorate due to financial pressures and the difficulty in attracting and retaining staff is real and a cause for concern" (quoted in the MECF report).
In his testimony last November before the Congressional Older Americans Caucus, MECF Chairman Steven W.