MECIModelo Estándar de Control Interno (Spanish: Standard Model of Internal Control)
MECIMulti-Electron Configuration Interaction
MECIMendelson Electronics Company, Inc. (est. 1960; Dayton, OH)
MECIMission Essential Contingency Item
MECIMono-Excited Configuration Interaction
MECIMark Edelstein Consulting Incorporated (Buffalo Grove, Illinois)
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MECI was successful in demonstrating the required level of 0.
To meet the requirement of redundancy, MECI offered its metering system CDN16, based on one pair of new multi-stream flow computers in redundant configuration, with a software application dedicated to the needs of the offshore site and able to manage the following equipment:
MECI has been proud to feature MedX machines in our training centers and to serve as an ardent, vocal advocate and distributor of the MedX equipment line in the markets we serve.
For nearly 10 years, Michael and his team at MECI have proven to be among our strongest marketing allies outside of the United States.
At NCW 2007, the NCOIC demonstrated the applicability of its MECI recommendations," continues Sizelove.
The extension provides MECI with additional time to dispose of its remaining property in an orderly fashion.
MECI also announced that it will purchase for cash Magic Circle Energy Corporation's 38.