MECNMarine Environmental Change Network (UK)
MECNMobile Extended Corporate Network (telecommunications; Germany)
MECNMiddle East Carrier Network (Dubia, UAE)
MECNMassachusetts Education Computer Network (Massachusetts Higher Education Coordinating Council)
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Table1:Characteristics of MECN resins: mode ratio, epoxy functionality, and amine value S.
Table 3: Electrodeposition characteristics of MECN resins electrodeposited at different applied voltages S.
Exhibit 1: Relevance of the French gambling market for operators - Results of MECN survey .
MECN has estimated the total Spanish betting market, centred on lottery, casinos, gaming machines and bingo, but also including illegal betting, exceeded EUR29 billion in turnover last year.
A study completed by the consulting firm MECN analysis this fast growing and promising industry.
Most experts see great growth potential in Balkan gambling markets - More than 60% of the experts surveyed by MECN believe that the growth potential of the Balkan gambling market is great or even very great.
In the current study entitled "The European Union and its Impact on State-Licensed Gambling Monopolies" MECN offers a detailed analysis of the activities of the European monopolies and examines whether one of the last few remaining monopolies in Europe is in fact faced with extinction.
Updated Benchmarking Report For The Global Lottery Industry Includes Analysis Of Sales, Costs, And Sales Channels MECN is proud to present the 3rd edition of our study Lottery Benchmarking and Success Factors.
Working with Pavlish on the study were Katherine Brown-Saltzman, co-director of the UCLA Healthcare Ethics Center; Marilyn Shirk, CNS at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles; Mary Hersh, MS, UCLA doctoral student and director of palliative care at Torrance Memorial Hospital; and MECN student Ann-Marie Rounkle.
Therefore, MECN wants to shed some light on the situation with an objective study.
Unique overview of the liberalisation process and content of the draft law: Although the current draft law liberalising the gambling market is still confidential, MECN and the Danish law firm Horten are able to offer the reader unique insights into key details of the draft law.
Now MECN is proud to present the second edition of our benchmarking study.