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MECOMain Engine Cutoff
MECOMuon-Electron Conversion
MECOMassachusetts Electric Company
MECOMeetings Community (website)
MECOMagnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Object (alternative to a black hole)
MECOModern Engineering Company, Inc.
MECOMajor Command Equipment Control Officer
MECOMission Économique (French: Economic Mission)
MECOMcDonald Equipment Company
MECOMagnetic, Eternally Collapsing Object (physics)
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Major organization : AYUNTAMIENTO DE MECO (P2808300D)
Kaya 'yung team naman natin ng MECO ay nagpupunta rin sa mga ospital para mai-check kung sino mang Pilipino ang nandodoon (That's why our team went to the hospitals to check if there are Pilipinos confined there)," the MECO official said.
Today's announcement that MECO is establishing a new operation in Limerick is an important boost for the Mid-West and I wish them every success with this project.
The Micro Max category also saw a close battle between Meco Racing teammates Yash Aradhya and Shahan Ali Mohsin, before the 11- year- old Yash prevailed for his second back to back victory.
Di Meco was forced to eat a rat on live radio after saying he would do so if Cesar Azpilicueta played for Spain.
Phaneesh, nevertheless, won the honors in his category with 100 points, three more than Bangalore boy Yash Aradhya of Meco Racing.
Only then, you can see what sort of talent and potential they got," said Akbar Ebrahim, Head of MECO Motor sport.
Meco seals can be designed elastomer-free to eliminate problems caused by aromatic hydrocarbons and other aggressive chemicals.
The Claricom PCMS has been supplied by Claricom's Norwegian partner, Meco Pak PI Norge, and provides a single network control system enabling essential product and traceability information to be centrally managed with the company's SQL server mauufacturing database.
The family has requested that no flowers are sent, but donations should go to Global Care and MECO and can be made through the church.
it is very clear that there is no meeting of the minds between MECO and TECO," MECO chairwoman Eva Estrada Kalaw told the board in a letter.