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MECOM has attracted more than 100 exhibitors demonstrating their communications technology and solutions from sectors including government, healthcare, hospitality, banking and finance, oil and gas, real estate, media, manufacturing, and logistics.
On their last day of participation MECOM 2010, CEO Sassine Mazraani talks about the endless opportunities with Speech enabled applications: "Today with Speech Recognition technology, Telcos could explore new revenue streams by adopting any of two models: 1.
A perfect example of this is etisalat, which is at present competing in more than 18 countries and has an estimated 100 million customers," said Binu Pillai, Exhibition Director of IIR Middle East, the organiser of MECOM.
Our participation in MECOM 2010 is part of our efforts to draw significant attention to our professional and durable labelling solutions among telecom, networking and IT professionals representing corporate and government sectors.
VoIPMONSTER will be joined by TELES at their booth (3E30) at MECOM 2010 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE, from May 17-19.
Organised by MECOM Forums/Clarion Events, in partnership with MEED, Arabian Construction Week including etc etcAa aims to serve as a perfect platform for companies to display a full range of green building, innovative building and engineering products and services to thousands of buyers from across the Middle East and neighbouring regions.
The growth in revenue from data services will be stronger than from voice service revenues in the Middle East and this was due to the advent of broadband Internet into the region, according to a Press release received here on Tuesday from the IIR Middle East, organisers of the Middle East Communications or MECOM, a major event in the communications technology C sector for the region.
MECOM will include regional operators and service providers and telecommunication companies and regulators from the Middle East and Africa.
INTERMAT is joining forces with MECOM Forums, an international company located in Abu Dhabi, to launch "INTERMAT Middle East" in 2011.
MECOM Forums' CEO Geoff Dickinson comments, "The design and overall construction quality of the shows were excellent.
The Arabian Gulf ICT market is one of the fastest growing in the world with the Middle East telecommunications and broadband Internet sectors expected to generate US$70 billion in annual sales revenue by 2015, claim the organisers of MECOM 2008.