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MECSMinistry of Education, Culture and Science (Mongolia)
MECSMazda Electronic Control System
MECSMulti Element Code System
MECSManufacturing Energy Consumption Survey
MECSMichigan Electric Coordinated Systems
MECSModel Equine Championships (UK)
MECSMaximum Entropy Covariance Selection
MECSMother Earth's Concerned Students (Warren Township High School Club)
MECSModular Embedded Computer Software
MECSMinimum Essential Command Suite
MECSMining Equipment Certfication Service (United Kingdom)
MECSMajor East Coast Storm (meteorology)
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MECS are typically mesoscopic; that is, approximately between the size of a sugar cube and a fist.
The compliance offered by MECS server with HIPAA, GLBA and PCI demonstrates the viability of the solution to adequately comply with various international compliance standards, thus making it suitable for diverse sectors worldwide," said Frost & Sullivan Analyst Ahmed Zeffirelli.
This final proposal was not acted on for another decade, but it was finally approved by both the MEC and MECS in 1935 as the "Plan of Union.
The majority of Lambeth and Lewisham MECS patients presented with minor anterior eye disease and over 80 per cent of these patients were managed by their community optometrist.
ly/2k3AxIu) calculated that the introduction of MECS in London's boroughs of Lambeth and Lewisham reduced the number of new patients referred to hospital eye services by GPs by more than a quarter.
Mr Patel highlighted that optical assistants can play an important role in tri aging MECS patients.
The milestone has been reached through practitioners passing the WOPEC Level 2 MECS certification.
Since the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU) published its Breakthrough Strategy, I keep hearing that practitioners should get involved in MECS.