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MECSManufacturing Energy Consumption Survey
MECSMichigan Electric Coordinated Systems
MECsModel Equine Championships (UK)
MECSMaximum Entropy Covariance Selection
MECSMother Earth's Concerned Students (Warren Township High School Club)
MECSModular Embedded Computer Software
MECSMinimum Essential Command Suite
MECSMining Equipment Certfication Service (United Kingdom)
MECSMajor East Coast Storm (meteorology)
MECSMinistry of Education, Culture and Science (Mongolia)
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The most appealing benefit of the MECS DynaWave technology for SRU applications is that it can process the entire SRU tail gas stream during TGTU shutdowns or upsets.
Asher Susser, "The Palestinian Liberation Organization" in MECS 1979-80 IV(1981), p.
The MECS architecture offers the flexibility to choose configurations that make sense for any security policy and mobile network.
The DFID grant will back a two-year programme within MECS, which will be implemented by the GSMA's Mobile for Development division, to support the creation of new, innovative mobile-enabled technologies and business models to improve access to energy and water services.
Many of the coating producers at MECS 2012 claimed that their coatings worked equally well regardless of the surface's incline, but specific roof coatings are designed to be particularly effective at the highest angle of exposure to the sun.
s MECS Server solution secures mobile enterprises to the most stringent compliance and security standards with its unique ability to truly lock down iPhones, iPads, as well as smartphone and tablet devices, to the extent required by security-aware and compliance-regulated organizations - while not changing the user experience or causing any noticeable latency whatsoever.
This final proposal was not acted on for another decade, but it was finally approved by both the MEC and MECS in 1935 as the "Plan of Union.
The purpose of this audit was to assess whether the tentative diagnosis of referrals from the MECS to the urgency clinic was appropriate.
released the award-winning MECS solution globally in August of 2010.
The MECS program helps patients who may not have the means to pay for needed hospital services identify government programs, third-party payers and social service organizations from which they may be eligible to receive financial assistance.