MECUMotorola Employees Credit Union
MECUMembers and Education Credit Union (Australia)
MECUMayo Employees Credit Union
MECUMunicipal Employees Credit Union, Inc.
MECUMembers Exchange Credit Union (Jackson, MS)
MECUMechanical Engine Control Unit (aviation)
MECUMahggls Employees Credit Union
MECUMedical Education Clinic Unit
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Driven by the desire to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the time and money its employees spend traveling to mandatory bimonthly training sessions from multiple branch locations in and around Baltimore, MECU implemented a videoconferencing solution to provide employees with face-to-face interaction.
It outlined a five-year program with a Community financial contribution of 800 MECU (to be matched by participating organizations).
The program has since increased funding to 22 MECU and extended its schedule through 1992 with the goal of possibly constructing a 300-kW stack.
This agreement with PULSE gives our members convenient and secure access to their checking accounts at merchant locations and ATMs nationwide," said Michael Murphy, MECU Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.
The dividend, which was declared by MECU's board of directors, represents funds remaining after the organization paid its expenses for the year and ensured that MECU had adequate reserves.
Unfortunately, the good yield potential of MECU 72, MPER 183, and SM 1219-9 contrasts with their poor performance in relation to DMC.
She spent the past 11 years in various finance positions with MECU of Baltimore, Inc.
MECU chose to expand its relationship with PULSE following a comprehensive review, facilitated by the Illinois Credit Union League Service Corp, that included a detailed analysis of MECU's debit program transaction history.
The Columbia Bank, Johnsonville Brats, MTA, MECU, Miller Brewing Company, Apple Ford, Belvedere Square, Bond Distributing Co.
2 billion MECU in Baltimore, and re-elected incumbent Tonita Webb, chief administrative officer of the $632 million Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union in Seattle.
OnX Enterprise Solutions, a leading enterprise data center IT solutions provider, today announced the successful deployment of managed backup and disaster recovery solutions for MECU.
MECU has made similar commitment to sustainability, entering into a formal covenant with the state authorities that conform to UN prescribed standards.