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MEDALMIW (Mine Warfare) and Environmental Decision Aids Library
MEDALMissouri Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Laboratory (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
MEDALMedical Education Development and Leadership (Wisconsin)
MEDALMicro-Enterprise Development and Lending (est. 1994; Umpqua Community Development Corporation; Umpqua, OR)
MEDALMicro Enterprise Development Alliance of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LA)
MEDALMWSSS Engineering Development and Logistics
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You aren't going to tell me that you care whether you win a tin medal or not?
These two daring explorers then reembarked for England; and the Geographical Society of Paris decreed them its annual prize medal.
That is why they were wrong in having the medal you have heard of struck; a medal which represents Holland stopping the sun, as Joshua did, with this legend:
And who then would give us the Vladimir medal and ribbon?
He had signalized his arrival in London, some months ago, by going overboard from a police boat into the Thames to rescue a half-drunken lighterman, and when the Humane Society had voted him their medal, he had accepted it only on condition that the presentation was private and kept out of the papers.
brigade, to dhow-harrying off Zanzibar, there was no variety of naval work which did not appear in his record; while the Victoria Cross, and the Albert Medal for saving life, vouched for it that in peace as in war his courage was still of the same true temper.
SEVENTY-FIVE Men presented themselves before the President of the Humane Society and demanded the great gold medal for life-saving.
 It is related of Bismark, who had been awarded a medal for
About twenty-seven years of age, and spoiled, like others, by success, Martin Falleix had had the luck to become the active agent of Monsieur Saillard, the sleeping-partner in the working out of a discovery made by Falleix in smelting (patent of invention and gold medal granted at the exposition of 1825).
In one hand he grasped a thick staff pointed and shod with metal, while in the other he held his coif or bonnet, which bore in its front a broad pewter medal stamped with the image of Our Lady of Rocamadour.
I suppose he's making up his mind, here and now, to win the medal.
Footnote: The subsequent history of the affair was as follows: Shaftesbury was acquitted by the jury, and his enthusiastic friends struck a medal in his honor, which drew from Dryden a short and less important satire, 'The Medal.