MEDCASEMedical Care Support Equipment
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Since 1998, MedCases has been a pioneer in peer-reviewed, clinical educational programs using highly interactive simulated patient encounters.
MedCases specializes in creating original medical education content and programs that combine interactive case-based learning with proprietary technology.
MedCases uses a proprietary, Internet-based system to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective learning with applications for academic medical centers, practicing physicians, health care delivery organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.
We are committed to providing HAP member organizations with an extensive library of compelling case-based content," said MedCases President and Chief Executive Officer Deborah M.
The MedCases Point of Care CME program is delivered in three steps.
The agreement further expands MedCases growing Education Partners Program, a network of health oriented web organizations focused on providing top quality professional information and services to physicians.
The MedCases Medical Librarian will also provide users with the most up-to-date medical literature and will serve as an excellent complement to MedCases' Web-based, medical education programs.
In its first 18 months, MedCases expanded from just four to more than 50 employees.
The EDCME Web site was created by MedCases to educate physicians about the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of patients with erectile dysfunction (ED).
Now, this quality information can be used to interactively educate by solving the medical problems of MedCases `virtual patients,' for a more complete medical education experience.
We are proud that this panel of highly respected industry peers recognizes MedCases and its vision of becoming the preeminent provider of e-learning for physicians.
Although several providers deliver CME via the Internet, MedCases is one of the few strictly Internet-based medical education companies to receive accreditation provider status.