MEDCOMMedical Command (US Army)
MEDCOMMediterranean Regional Committee for START
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Such is very unlikely to occur in MEDCOM, especially on a first offense and when the person was acting in good faith to get the mission accomplished.
In February 2006, the MEDCOM Office of the Staff Judge Advocate made a 2-pronged recommendation to The Surgeon General: (1) request OTJAG support for a senior executive level request to DOJ to suspend DOJ agreement requirements for the duration of the Global War on Terror; and (2) direct the Commanding General, Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S) to
By the time paralegal specialists are assigned to a medical center or a medical region, they have had years of experience and can provide in-depth legal support to MEDCOM commanders, staff, and personnel.
We will lend our organizational capabilities, traditionally used with supply chain management, to MEDCOM for achievement of sustained results and mission success of promoting, sustaining and enhancing soldier health.
The ODE rules ensure all military and civilian healthcare providers' "time, talents, and attention" are devoted first and foremost to their military healthcare duties as provided in paragraph 6b of MEDCOM Regulation 600-3.
MEDCOM produces highly-regarded videos to help educate nurses and ensure they have the most current information.
On March 8, 2010, Issue #653 was transferred from the Warrior Transition Command to the OTSG Behavioral Health Division for examination by senior officials within OTSG and MEDCOM.
Our purpose is to describe the MEDCOM Officer Distribution Plan (ODP) and its importance to MEDCOM's human resource strategy as both a decisionmaking tool and a predictive analysis tool.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Lett, "RAMSAFE provided MEDCOM with the management tools we needed to predict and manage biological events.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire a 49-percent share in MEDCOM Sp.
Many practical and legal problems can be avoided if these principles are kept in mind as MEDCOM strives to provide healthcare to our Soldiers and other beneficiaries.