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MEDEAMicro-Electronics Development for European Applications (computer engineering)
MEDEAMultiple-Discipline, Engineering, Design, Evaluation & Analysis
MEDEAMatrix Exponential Differential Equation Algorithm (numerical integration)
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So his Medea, when a messenger comes to tell her of the successful murder (by means of a gift of clothing saturated with something like napalm) of her rival, the king's daughter, and incidentally of the king as well, responds like a connoisseur of unspeakable cruelty: "Calm down.
Ten spyte van hierdie vroee prominensie van Medea in die Hollands-Afrikaanse toneel, is daar na my wete tot dusver geen Afrikaanse vertaling van Euripides se Medea gepubliseer nie.
Martin Bock is president of Medea Corporation (Woodland Hills, CA)
And yet there are other, simpler pleasures in reading Apollonius, like those that centuries of readers have taken in reading the love story of Jason and Medea in book 3.
the producer of the award-winning, ultra-premium vodka with the world's only customizable LED message band built onto the bottle, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Bluetooth technology on all MEDEA Vodka bottles beginning June 2015.
They are sharing the role of Tom in Headlong Theatre's acclaimed production of Medea, which opens tonight for a week-long run.
In Euripides' famous tragedy, Medea, she takes revenge one step further by killing their two children.
But there's such a mishmash of references that it gets very disconcerting - the traditional chorus keep bursting into blues and, while they and Medea .
MEDEA B2, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry Northern Broadsides scored a hit by taking a chance on Lenny Henry in last year's Othello, but its new take on Euripides' tragedy arrived in Coventry trailing the kind of reviews that hinted at a mustsee theatrical disaster.
Summary: The National Agency of Dams and Transfers (ANBT) launched Sunday two national invitations to tender for the construction of two dams, one in the province of M'sila (Soubella) and another in Medea (Beni Slimane).
Terese Capucilli's Medea in Graham's Cave of the Heart is a woman consumed by the fire of jealousy.