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MEDEVACMedical Evacuation
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Equipped with state of the art medical equipment, including a full digital command center, and staffed by more than 100 medical professionals, 999 was the first air medevac provider in China to launch a three-dimensional rescue package combining ambulances, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
I thought I was going to Iraq, but ended up replacing a MEDEVAC unit in Colorado.
Because mission authority for medevac generally resides at the BCT, requests are submitted by the battalion to the BCT surgeon cell.
If you want to know the latest happenings in the MEDEVAC community, check out both portals now.
Royal Jet Medevac aircraft were also used to evacuate three victims of a third serious Oman road accident to the UAE during the week.
The new airfield lights have been designed to will help supply and medevac aircraft navigate their way to and from the remote village located on the northern end of the Williston Reservoir, British Columbia.
Air Charter International More Medevac in Singapore.
This is a great article ["A Promise Kept" November-December 2009] that does a fantastic job of highlighting the importance and achievements of the Aeromedical Evacuation MEDEVAC Mission.
Thurman, Army G-3/5/7, said no transformational change to the aviation force is more important or consequential than the decision to increase aircraft in medevac companies from 12 to 15.
With a slight twist on that same concept, Urban Aeronautics has announced completion of the first phase of flight testing of the company's Airmule single-engine, vtol cargo and medevac drone (formerly the Mule).
Royal Med, the Middle East's leading aeromedical evacuation services provider, has introduced a Learjet 60 to its fleet, thereby enhancing its medevac service capability.