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MEDEXMedical Express
MEDEXMedical Excellence
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US-based MEDEX Global Solutions has delivered emergency medical and security assistance and intelligence services, including emergency evacuation, aviation security and protection for corporate travelers and individuals worldwide since 1977.
Nothing can put a family or business at risk like an international medical emergency," says Bruce Kirby, CEO of MEDEX Global Group.
Available from MEDEX Global Group, the new Medical Phrase Translation tool serves as an emergency dictionary that allows travelers to print out and bring with them 180 common medical phrases and translations in 24 different languages.
Just ask the student who fell off of the Great Wall of China, or those who were caught in Beirut when bombs started to fall," said Bruce Kirby, CEO of MEDEX Global Group.
ASI works with eight of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies and shares the same diverse range of clients as MEDEX Global Group, including U.
This year, China expects 150 million foreign tourists, which is a 14 percent increase over 2007," said Bruce Kirby, CEO of MEDEX Global Group.
Mike Roban's impressive level of sales expertise, background in international travel assistance, and commitment to quality service make him the ideal choice for MEDEX -- particularly as we work to continue the double-digit growth momentum that we have experienced over the last six years," said Kirby.
Free public access to this dynamic and continually updated new avian flu website is a clear and simple click from either the group or individual portions of the MEDEX Assistance website: www.
Like the original MEDEX 360m website recently introduced for corporate, scholastic and government clients, this individual-traveler edition of the MEDEX 360m Global Medical Monitor provides vital and timely health risk and medical care information in an easy-to-read report format.