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MEDIAMauritius Export Development and Investment Authority
MEDIAMedia Elimination and Design Intelligent Aid
MEDIAMissile Error Data Integration Analysis
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Given the lack of research concerning key outcomes potentially associated with media literacy, the purpose of this study was to assess the influence of adolescents' attitudes toward media on media literacy lesson outcomes.
The primary goals of Xcel Energy's media relations team were to measure outputs and influence with the news media, to understand the media relations department's influence on customer opinion and to influence the marketing efforts and public policy strategies of the company.
The primary problem with recycled media is that the potential bargain hunter has no idea where this media has been used (or abused), the quality and cleanliness of the drives it has been used in, or how it has been stored.
What are the contributions of library media programs to student achievement?
It will be a significant help to us as we expand the use of streaming media throughout our organization.
Otitis media is an infection or inflammation of the middle ear.
This study explores the selection of storage media for long-term access to digital records from four different but interrelated perspectives.
The China Media Yearbook & Directory is the most comprehensive English language Guide for international media executives keeping them up to date on developments in China's fast changing media industries.
Beyond the media, companies and organizations also need to consider their other audiences who expect to hear official positions and responses, or at various business junctures or when news breaks.
Media literacy, often referred to as media education, is the ability to "decode, evaluate, analyze and produce" media in a wide array of forms (Aufderheide, 2001, p.
The media improvements over five product generations form the basis of the continued capacity improvements for DDS.
Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite[TM] is unique because it is the industry's only integrated solution that can simultaneously manage, secure, automate and accelerate digital media workflows as Tom Ohanian, Signiant's vice president of product management explains: