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Note: "You cannot get the low-income benefits if you already have drug coverage from your current or former employer, Medicaid, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, Tricare, or the Veterans Administration" (quoted from "76 Things You Should Know about the New Medicare Discount Cards," Center for Medicare Rights, http://www.
There are nearly 15 million Medicare Advantage enrollees across the 641 eligible plans.
The whole Medicare prescription drug benefit has been a bitter disappointment,'' said Waxman, the ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee.
Note--February surprise: "Dual eligible" patients (on both Medicare and Medicaid) who voluntarily chose a Medicare Part D plan were often assigned to a different plan due to the automatic assignment of most dual eligibles.
Like Medicare, it was an open-ended commitment in which the states and the federal government provided reimbursement that reflected changing demand among eligible populations.
The report by the Medicare board of trustees points to lower tax revenues, higher healthcare costs, and year-old Medicare legislation as the primary causes of Medicare's accelerated illness.
Conference moderator James Firman, NCOA's president and chief executive, asked how Pelosi "would respond to those who argue that repealing the Medicare law [instead of fixing it] would eliminate coverage for 7 million seniors.
Both the House and Senate bills create a new benefit called Medicare Part D on January 1, 2006.
Actually the chances of a Medicare bill passing this year are greater than any year in recent history, though there is much disagreement about its form and cost.
Many organizations have deemed the lack of prescription-drug cover age a major shortcoming of the Medicare program.
The $214 billion Medicare program covers some 15 percent of the U.
The claim that Medicare is going "bankrupt" is extremely misleading for two reasons.