MEDICCMedical Education Cooperation with Cuba
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We ended the day discussing publishing with the editors of MEDICC Review, the only English-language journal focused on Cuban medicine and health research.
We then had presentations from the managing editor of MEDICC Review and discussed ways the journal could be improved despite meager salaries.
Specialist care, including access to technology, is the expensive pinnacle of this commercialised world, and the privileges of that wealthy elite are jealously guarded (see MEDICC 2008).
Cuban programs are generally financed by the Cuba government, or through various forms of co-financing--sometimes called 'compensation'--depending on the capacity of the recipient country (see MEDICC 2008).
The four-year award will propel MEDICC signature programs:
MEDICC Review (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which works to enhance cooperation among "global health communities aimed at better health outcomes.
Details: Camila Curtis-Contreras, Program Asst, MEDICC, 1814 Franklin St, Ste 500, Oakland CA 94612.
From 1998 through 2004, MEDICC has provided medical electives in Cuba for nearly 1000 students and faculty from 118 U.
Since 1998, nearly 1,000 students have joined MEDICC programs in Cuba, enabling them to study one of the few universal health care systems in the developing world, internationally recognized for its impressive health indicators, says Dr.
director of MEDICC, said Cuba is responsible for much of the Haitian medical staffing presence currently existing in that country--including over 400 Haitian graduates of Cuba's Latin American Medical School (ELAM).
Kirk of Canada's Dalhousie University, "and no better way to do that than a donation to MEDICC.
Established in 1997, MEDICC lets participants observe innovative health practices in Cuba, where health indicators are on par with developed countries despite scarce resources.