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MEDICIMails Electronic Data Interchange and Customs Integration
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Miranda and Jane had virtually washed their hands of Aurelia when she married Lorenzo de Medici Randall.
Lorenzo de Medici was flabby and boneless; Rebecca was a thing of fire and spirit: he lacked energy and courage; Rebecca was plucky at two and dauntless at five.
Aurelia's experience of genius, as exemplified in the deceased Lorenzo de Medici led her into a greater admiration of plain, every-day common sense, a quality in which Rebecca, it must be confessed, seemed sometimes painfully deficient.
But somehow, I can not keep that Medici mausoleum out of my memory.
Raphael pictured such infernal villains as Catherine and Marie de Medicis seated in heaven and conversing familiarly with the Virgin Mary and the angels, (to say nothing of higher personages,) and yet my friends abuse me because I am a little prejudiced against the old masters--because I fail sometimes to see the beauty that is in their productions.
Medici manages over 30 global patient communities online which, along with their patented tools and cutting-edge digital methodologies, help clients meet or exceed their recruitment goals.
When his first book, The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts & Cultures (Harvard Business Review; $32.
Art historian Goldberg is a long-time resident of Florence, Italy, where he has worked for decades in the Medici Granducal Archive.
Campaigned mostly over middle distances in 2010, Cosimo De Medici got his chance over two miles at Goodwood in May of last year and made no mistake with a neck victory.
Cosimo De Medici (centre): can return to his best for in-form stable
Also, since a monographic show could never be contemplated without the great sequence of Medici court portraits and other gems from the Uffizi Gallery, a venue outside Florence would never have been viable.
Medici asked, "Who could have predicted that Ginnie Mae and Fannie Mae would have swapped position" in terms of the volume of issuance they produce?