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MEDLARSMedical Literature Analysis & Retrieval System
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I had recently completed a large-scale evaluation of MEDLARS (published in 1968).
Lancaster (1969) conducted a large and comprehensive evaluation of MEDLARS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) operated by the U.
Instead they used real systems such as MEDLARS, Dialog, and BRS to illustrate the fundamentals of all online systems.
218), but Lancaster's detailed studies of NLM MEDLARS and other early systems convinced him that researchers should do their own online searching (Lancaster, 1972).
Many of Lancaster's extensive contributions stem from his experience with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) MEDLARS system.
I mean the fact that the National Library of Medicine wanted an evaluation done of MEDLARS.
In 1971 NLM made an electronic index, MEDLINE (for MEDLARS Online) accessible, eventually through nationwide telecommunications networks.
MEDLEARN: A computer-assisted instruction (CAI) program for MEDLARS.
MEDLARS was the first on-demand computer-based information retrieval service, and it was developed primarily for the medical profession.
In 1981, there were more than 1,800 users of the twenty MEDLARS databases.
The early attempts at reaching the end-user market simply involved making training in the use of online systems such as MEDLARS, BRS, and DIALOG more widely available to end-users.
Rogers (the National Library of Medicine's MEDLARS system), Estelle Brodman (first automated card catalog and online serials control system named PHILSOM, for Periodical Holdings in Libraries of Schools of Medicine), Irwin Pizer (developer of the SUNY Network, precursor to BRS), and Naomi Broering (MiniMEDLINE[TM], LIS[TM], and BioSYNTHESIS) (The National Library.