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MEDOCMediterráneo Occidental (Spanish: Western Mediterranean)
MEDOCMulti-Experiment Data and Operations Center (SOHO)
MEDOCWestern Mediterranean Area
MEDOCMulti-Pole Expansion Defined on One Center
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Medoc, on the western, or left bank of the Gironde, and Graves, situated south of the city of Bordeaux, are home to the area's most renowned chateaux.
Perhaps the weakest performing of the major Medoc appellations, many of the Saint-Estephes showed moderately ripe characters and often with a disturbing weedy, leafy note.
A nice example for not a lot of money is the CHATEAU AMOUR MEDOC 2011 (PS12.
The Bordeaux blend is predominantly cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc and petit verdot, and as a rule of thumb, wines from the Medoc are cabernet sauvignon dominant, while wines from St Emilion and Pomerol are predominantly made from merlot, the most widely planted grape in Bordeaux.
Double rooms at Golf du Medoc from 125 (00 +33 556 703131, hotelgolfdumedoc.
They made off with 90 bottles of Francoise Heuck Champagne, 37 bottles of Chateau du Breuil Medoc, 30 bottles of Paul Jaboule Aine Cotes du Rhone, 44 bottles of Alsace Riesling and 20 bottles of Chateau d'Arche white Bordeaux.
Even before we left California this past spring for Bordeaux, I had already heard that much of the merlot in the Medoc had suffered from poor physiological ripeness and that the Right Bank, especially Pomerol, had turned in a dismal performance.
His biggest wins were in the Grand National with Battleship, ridden by his son Bruce, and the Cheltenham Gold Cup with Medoc.
Varietal/type/vintage: '89 and '96 Haut Medoc Bordeaux red.
In Bordeaux itself it's the small "boutique" wineries on the left bank of the Gironde Estuary, which are either biased to or wholly made from Merlot which are fetching the biggest auction prices rather than the great Chateaux of the Medoc.
It was done because the Margaux, from grapes picked off young vines, was mediocre while the Haut Medoc, from old growth vines, was nearly as good as a "grand cru classe.