MEDRETEMedical Readiness Training Exercise
MEDRETEMedical Readiness Education and Training Exercises
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Phillip Sanchez of the 145th Multi-Functional Medical Battalion, a medical planner for the MEDRETE, said : "The biggest issue is going to be patient flow through the site getting people in and out quickly so we can treat patients.
The MEDRETE location at Los Limones is expecting nearly 800 patients daily.
The MEDRETEs bring skilled military medical personnel who provide free dental care and medical assessment and treatment to the most rural areas of Honduras and other parts of Central and South America, including the Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia and Costa Rica.
Although Amador provided his dental services in the exercise, his main job is coordination of the MEDRETE.
I can assure you that the MEDRETEs are very welcomed by the population, especially in a place like Wawina, where all the (licensed practical nurse) had in her storage warehouse was a little bit of Tylenol," Amador said.
Forces Command sponsored the deployment of 2,000 members of engineer, medical, aviation, and military police units from the Kentucky National Guard to Esmeraldas Province in 1998 to construct schools, clinics, and sanitary facilities in conjunction with conduct of joint MEDRETE operations.
The MEDRETE, her first during her four-month deployment to Honduras from Langley Air Force Base, Va.
Traditionally conducted by Army Reserve Soldiers with USARSO oversight, New Horizons and MEDRETE exercises this year also provided training opportunities for National Guard Soldiers, Heaney added.
The MEDRETE team consisted of 36 members of the Honduras-based U.
Embassy in San Jose's Office of the Defense Representative coordinated the MEDRETE mission, supported by the post's administrative, political, regional security and public affairs offices.
It is not uncommon for medretes to provide care that saves lives, limbs, or eyesight.