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MEDSMarine Environmental Data Service
MEDSMultifunction Electronic Display Subsystem
MEDSMarine Engineering Development Strategy
MEDSManual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards
MEDSMeteorological Environmental Data System
MEDSMission for Essential Drugs & Supplies (Kenya, East Africa)
MEDSMeteorological and Environmental Data Services
MEDSMobile Equine Diagnostic Service (University of Florida)
MEDSMission Essential Data Set
MEDSManufacturing Extension Decision Support
MEDSMethod of Exact Doppler Spread
MEDSMarine Environmental Data System (Canadian Naval Forces weather source)
MEDSMeteorological Data Systems
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Meds in Makeup(TM) treats common skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, in a novel way through products made using the practice of pharmaceutical compounding.
Pathways Meds Manager is a Windows(R)-based system that integrates with most information systems and automated dispensing devices.
A holder of MEDS who receives cash in lieu of fractional shares of ADSs or Class B shares may be subject, under certain circumstances, to backup withholding at a 31% rate with respect to such cash received unless the Holder provides proof of an applicable exemption or a correct taxpayer identification number and otherwise complies with the applicable requirements of the backup withholding rules.
Under the terms of the agreement, Med Diversified will acquire all of the issued and outstanding stock of TLCS for a price of $1.
With its current management and world class technology, Med Diversified is well positioned to maximize this market opportunity, to fully execute upon its vision and to solidify its leadership position within the distance healthcare industry.
Management invested considerable time and effort examining the operating units of Med Diversified and evaluating certain assets for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2002.
Med Diversified, through its wholly owned subsidiary, TLC Acquisition Corporation, has accepted for purchase all shares validly tendered in the tender offer at the price of $1.
chairman and chief executive officer of Med Diversified, commented, "As we enter the final stages of this acquisition, Med Diversified continues to expect tremendous value and synergies between the two companies, while anxiously anticipating that the joint capabilities of Addus and Med Diversified will lower costs and improve patient care, as well as drive value to our customers and shareholders.
In connection with the merger agreement, in the event that at least 75 percent but less than 90 percent of the TLCS stockholders tender into the offer, Med Diversified will have a "top-up option," pursuant to a "Stock Option Agreement," between it and TLCS to purchase at a price of $100 sufficient shares to constitute, when combined with the shares tendered in the offer, 90 percent of TLCS' outstanding common stock.
00 per share cash tender offer by a newly formed Med Diversified subsidiary for at least a majority of the outstanding TLCS shares on a fully diluted basis, followed by a merger at the same price per share.
This joint venture is a true win-win scenario for Med Diversified and UHG," stated Dr.
Nasdaq:PICM) is a holding company for Med Advantage and several other insurance related subsidiaries.