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MEDSMarine Environmental Data Service
MEDSMultifunction Electronic Display Subsystem
MEDSMarine Engineering Development Strategy
MEDSManual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards
MEDSMeteorological Environmental Data System
MEDSMission for Essential Drugs & Supplies (Kenya, East Africa)
MEDSMeteorological and Environmental Data Services
MEDSMobile Equine Diagnostic Service (University of Florida)
MEDSMission Essential Data Set
MEDSManufacturing Extension Decision Support
MEDSMethod of Exact Doppler Spread
MEDSMarine Environmental Data System (Canadian Naval Forces weather source)
MEDSMeteorological Data Systems
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Meds in Makeup(TM) treats common skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, in a novel way through products made using the practice of pharmaceutical compounding.
1 vendor of healthcare information systems, we will be able to propel Pathways Meds Manager to the next level of information technology," said Henderson.
Unless the Company defaults in making the redemption payment of interest and ADSs and Class B Shares deliverable upon call for redemption in accordance with the Indenture, interest on the MEDS called for redemption will cease to accrue on and after the Redemption Date, and the only remaining right of the Holders of such MEDS is to receive payment of accrued interest to the Redemption Date and the number of ADSs and Class B Shares per MEDS described herein upon surrender to the Paying Agent of the MEDS redeemed.
As we move toward ultimate resolution of this matter, we will act in what we feel is in the long-term interest of our shareholders and the best result for Med Diversified.
00 in cash and TLCS will become a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Med Diversified.
These forward-looking statements include assumptions, beliefs and opinions relating to the Med Diversified business and growth strategy based upon management's interpretation and analysis of its own contractual and legal rights, management's ability to satisfy industry and consumer needs with its technologies, health-care industry trends, and management's ability to successfully develop, implement, market and/or sell its network transaction processing services, software programs, clinical and financial transaction services, and e-commerce systems to its clientele.
The final merger would require the approval of TLCS' stockholders at a special meeting called for such purpose (which would be assured if Med Diversified acquires at least a majority of the outstanding shares in the tender offer) unless Med Diversified acquires at least 90 percent of the outstanding shares in the tender offer, in which case the merger can be effected promptly after the consummation of the tender offer without a special meeting of stockholders.
00 per share cash tender offer by a newly formed Med Diversified subsidiary for at least a majority of the outstanding TLCS shares on a fully diluted basis, followed by a merger at the same price per share.
With this agreement, Med Diversified further demonstrates its commitment to dominate the home health services market," said Frank P.
Frank Magliochetti, the Vice Chairman, Co-CEO and President of Med Diversified, stated, "I am delighted that both parties have been able to move this process along as expeditiously as we have.