MEECMarianist Environmental Education Center (Dayton, OH)
MEECMaryland Education Enterprise Consortium (Baltimore, MD)
MEECMidwest Environmental Education Conference
MEECMidwest Ecology and Evolution Conference
MEECMeetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions (textbook)
MEECMennonite Elementary Education Council
MEECMediterranean Energy and Ecology Center (Israel)
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MEEC estimates its US market opportunity alone at 800-850 coal-fired EGUs with an average $2.
Against this promising forecast, MEEC has been experiencing rapid growth, with revenues up 164% from Q2 to Q3 this year, and next year's revenues expected to be $18 million plus.
In total, MEEC has already won $100 million in existing long-term contract revenues for 2015 through 2018, and expects to reach 40-60 energy units contracted out by the end of next year.
I'm excited to take on the leadership of MEEC at this important stage in our industry's development.
Alan Kelley has served as President and COO of MEEC since November 2011.
Alan Kelley, president and chief operating officer of Midwest Energy Emissions Corporation, said, "This demonstration represents an exciting opportunity for MEEC.
Kelley continued, "With twenty-three demonstrations either completed or contracted, we continue to establish that MEEC offers the best solution for the coal-fired power industry to achieve economic compliance with MATS, across myriad types of fuels used in power generation, and the various power plant system designs that are in operation.
chairman and chief executive officer of Midwest Energy Emissions Corporation Company, commented, "We have made great progress in positioning MEEC to address the upcoming EPA MATS requirements for coal and oil-fired power plants.
Additionally, the MEEC management team has more than 85 years of utility industry experience and a high level of credibility among their current and future customers.
The MEEC agreement makes Microsoft technologies, such as the Windows operating system, Office, Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint Server as well as virtualization, infrastructure and security solutions, available to MEEC member institutions.
We have seen a high degree of acceptance and usage of Microsoft products available to our students and faculty as part of the MEEC agreement," said Darrow Neves, chief information officer, Community College of Baltimore County.
Tracey used curriculum materials and strategies from MEECS (family water use surveys, handouts on macroinvertibrate identification, and so on), and invited a guest speaker from the Huron River Watershed Council (a community organization that she already had a relationship with and that had been involved in the planning process that launched SEMIS) to teach about the watershed.