MEECMarianist Environmental Education Center (Dayton, OH)
MEECMaryland Education Enterprise Consortium (Baltimore, MD)
MEECMidwest Environmental Education Conference
MEECMidwest Ecology and Evolution Conference
MEECMeetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions (textbook)
MEECMennonite Elementary Education Council
MEECMediterranean Energy and Ecology Center (Israel)
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Elected to bat first, MEEC scored 65 for four runs in four overs.
had applied to have the symbol "CHYU" changed to one that is more reflective of our new business focus and MEEC was our first choice.
1 The purpose of the MEEC IT Professional Consulting Services Request for Proposal (RFP) is to procure IT services for a variety of IT professional services on an as needed basis to support the members of the Maryland Educational Enterprise Consortium (MEEC).
The MEEC consortium was formed by the State of Maryland to facilitate licensing on a more cost effective basis for all academic institutions statewide, including public library systems, public museums and teaching hospitals.
Though the teacher had never done an open-ended inquiry around water issues before, she had seen herself in the role of "guide on the side" for years and she was able to adapt the MEECS curriculum resources to her classes' particular project, the school's unique "place," and the powerful student questions that arose from place-based exploration.