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MEEMManufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (City University of Hong Kong)
MEEMMechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (Michigan Technological University)
MEEMMaster of Environmental and Energy Management (University of Twente; Netherlands)
MEEMMinority Enterprises East Midlands (UK)
MEEMMaster of Engineering in Engineering Management
MEEMMathematical Economics and Econometric Methods (course; Netherlands)
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Until 2015, when GIB launched Meem in Saudi Arabia as the Middle East's first online-only consumer bank, it had been solely a wholesale bank - which provides services to big companies and financial institutions.
Meem is aimed at modernising retail banking in the region combining online and mobile banking with ultramodern physical store locations; Meem offers convenience, freedom of choice, and exceptional value for money.
The launch of the service Meem by GIB demonstrates the kingdom's willingness to embrace this disruption and we look forward to seeing more banks grow their FinTech activities," he added.
The success of conveying this emotional conflict, all while maintaining empathy for Meem and Elliot, happens thanks in large part to Renek's meaningful, lush language.
O MEEM alcancou grande popularidade devido ao seu uso em um importante estudo epidemiologico sobre saude mental do inicio da decada de 1980 (2)--National Institute of Mental Health Epidemiologic Catchment Area Program Surveys --que permitiu propor escores de corte, sugestivos de deficit cognitivo, relacionados a idade e a escolaridade: 29 para pessoas com 18 a 24 anos, e 25 para individuos com 80 anos e mais; 29 para pessoas com pelo menos nove anos de escolaridade, 26 para aqueles com cinco a oito anos de escolaridade, e 22 para os com zero a quatro anos de escolaridade (3,4).
The artist wanted to stay unknown mainly to allow Meem to have her own character and views.
Frente ao exposto, os objetivos desta pesquisa foram analisar o desempenho de uma populacao idosa no Mini-Exame do Estado Mental; verificar os resultados da aplicacao do Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI); averiguar a interferencia das variaveis genero, escolaridade e zumbido no desempenho geral no MEEM e THI; verificar as possiveis relacoes do estado mental com o autorrelato das caracteristicas psicoacusticas e escala emocional do THI.
MEEM was used to estimate each child's exposures during the summer and winter before the review visit at 11 years of age (Molter et al.
The work was recorded in letters, photos, and drawings in the office files of architect John Gaw Meem, which serve as the primary source for this book by Wingert-Playdon (architecture, Tyler School of Art, Temple U.
No, this year we will not bring any Emirati art because we don't represent any Emirati artists at the moment," said Noura Haggag, creative director of Meem Gallery.
MohamA[degrees]med Abdulatif Kanoo, an Emirati artist, is currently exhibiting at Meem Art Gallery, in Dubai, with the aim of breakingA[degrees] down barriers
De acordo com alguns estudos, a especificidade e a sensibilidade do MEEM e limitada quando o teste e aplicado em populacoes com pouca ou nenhuma escolarizacao formal (Gurian, Oliveira, Laprega & Rodrigues Junior, 2012; Valle, Costa, Firmo, Uchoa & Costa, 2009).