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MEERMinistry of Energy and Energy Resources (Bulgaria)
MEERMarine and Environmental Education and Research, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
MEERMedia Emancipatie Effect Rapportage (Dutch: Media Content Analysis and Reporting; watchdog organization)
MEERMichigan Economic and Environmental Roundtable
MEERMiddle East Executive Reports (publication)
MEERMinimum Empirical Error Rate
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We have experience of the local region and we want to share each other's experience and make united projects in training doctors and nurses and sending equipment and aid," said Dr Al Meer, who is also Salmaniya Medical Complex's nuclear medicine expert and radiologist.
Meer was less than half her normal weight after cruel owners left her to die in Tipton.
Dit is egter opvallend dat die oorgrote meerderheid bydraes steeds aktueel is--'n aanduiding daarvan dat hoe meer dinge hier ter plaatse verander, hoe meer bly hulle dieselfde.
Mrs van der Meer said the union continues to emphasise the need for close contacts with consumers, and she said she had just completed writing on European Commission's proposals to simplify food legislation.
He also claimed that Mr Meer bent a bar, which cost pounds 180 to replace - a claim denied.
Hierdie ondersoekers kan ook meer korrekte inligting na die onderhoudshowe deurvoer oor die onderskeie finansiele bronne van beide ouers.
Any illegal aliens would be treated just like American soldiers,'' Meer was quoted as saying.
Mr Tom Hannam, prosecuting, said Meer was seen by a neighbour forcing a window at a house in Monmouth Drive, Sutton Coldfield, after the owners had gone on holiday.
Local architects Kaufmann, van der Meer & Partner were asked to make a proposal for refurbishing the factory.
Writing under the more rakish pseudonym Huntley Haverstock, he struggles to steer clear of the tweed-and-teacups mediocrity of British correspondents and bags a chat with diplomat Van Meer (Albert Basserman), head of a consortium that hopes to prevent the outbreak of full-scale carnage.
It was kind of surprising,'' said Ralph Meer, a food safety specialist in the UA's department of nutritional sciences.