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MEETMiddle East Entrepreneur Training (Beyster Institute; University of California)
MEETMultidisciplinary European Endovascular Therapy
MEETMechanical Electrical Electronic Technology (trade show; Canada)
MEETMarine Environmental Education Trust (South Africa)
MEETMinimum Essential Equipment for Training
MEETMiddle East Engineering and Telecommunications (Cairo, Egypt)
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In the Antelope Valley, 11 more schools were newly designated as failing to meet AYP, bringing the total number of program improvement schools to 58.
My year will then culminate at our Annual Conference in Washington, DC, where we will meet with the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Association of Women Dentists.
This means, for example, that if an organization's mailing includes both a solicitation and a pamphlet that otherwise would be considered a program piece, and the mailing does not meet the audience criterion, the mailing's entire cost, including the program pamphlet, should be charged to fundraising.
USC has had a difficult time lately in dual meets against UCLA.
1 -- color) Elaborate dolls await discriminating customers at Michael Morrione's booth at the Valley Indoor Swap Meet, a shopping nexus since 1983.
District officials said the AYP report does not give a complete picture because some schools made great strides in improving their API score but fell short of meeting AYP goals because subgroups of students did not meet target levels.
Highland senior Cassie Ramirez will be looking to avenge a defeat to Quartz Hill's Lacey Troth and Marissa Hager of Lancaster in the first league meet.
Thursday's league meet turned into a low-key competition, with the Mt.
Friday - Meet designer Nathalie Marciano of Charles David Shoes at 2 p.
Today - Meet designer James Galanos and see his spring collection at noon, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills.
It's one storefront swap meet after another with pretty much the same merchandise.