MEFPMemorandum of Economic and Financial Policies
MEFPMultiple Explosively Formed Penetrator (warhead)
MEFPMarriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines
MEFPMarriage Encounter in the Filipino Perspective
MEFPMission Execution Forecast Process
MEFPMarriage Enrichment Formation Program
MEFPMonosynaptic Evoked Field Potential
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The MEFP stated, "The CBJ has recently created a Financial Stability Department with a mandate to strengthen its capacity to assess and manage systemic risks.
Known as MEFP (Multiple Explosive Formed Penetrators) it generates a limited number of EFPs that are aimed at specific points of the warhead in order to disintegrate it without detonation at a range of 30 to 60 metres with a 90 per cent kill probability.
The Government and the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS) believe that the policies and measures set forth in the attached MEFP are adequate to achieve these objectives, but stand ready to take additional measures that may be appropriate for this purpose".