MEFSMiddle East Fertility Society (Beirut, Lebanon)
MEFSMidterm Energy Forecasting System
MEFSMinimum Economic Field Size
MEFSMaine Forest Service
MEFSMagyar Egyetemi Foiskolai Sportszövetség (Hungarian University Sports Federation)
MEFSMultiple Excitation Fluorometric System
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The MEFS is a revolutionary solution to the world's water problems and has multiple applications:
With the development of MEFS, we realized there was a huge untapped market to help protect the world's water supply and provide clean drinking water in emergency situations," said Dennis McGuire, Founder of UltraStrip Systems, Inc.
The MEFS is the first system of its kind to be verified by the EPA through its Environmental Technology Verification Program(ETV) to respond to treating contaminated water from a terrorist attack.
The MEFS is a portable, self-contained wastewater treatment system designed for flexibility with an ability to treat contaminants from biological or chemical terrorist attacks.
Manager of Engineering & Research Services for NSF International, said, "The UltraStrip MEFS was the first ETV-verified system for treating wastewater generated during decontamination of biological or chemical homeland security incidents.