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MEFTAMiddle East Free Trade Area
MEFTAUS-Middle East Free Trade Agreement
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However, IPS reporter Emad Mekay, in February 2005, informed of the World Bank's plan to partially fund Palestinian MEFTA infrastructure with loans to Palestine.
President Bush hopes the MEFTA will encompass some 20 regional countries, including Israel, and be fully consolidated by 2013.
Through MEFTA, MEPI, and other components of our economic and trade policy, we are supporting efforts of Middle Eastern countries to reform and liberalize, while simultaneously increasing market access opportunities for U.
Regarding the creation of a regional MEFTA, the Bush administration is proposing a plan of graduated steps for each country to achieve FTA status: 1) join WTO (World Trade Organization); 2) sign TIFA (Trade and Investment Framework Agreement; 3) sign BIT (Bilateral Investment Treaties); and 4) conclude with FTA.
One of the projects that we're going to be undertaking is to try to develop some numbers that estimate what the potential gains are for intraregional as well as transoceanic trade were a MEFTA to come into being.
MEFTA production, Alstrom, AREVAPart 4 - IT-type transformer stations .