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MEGACOMedia Gateway Control (IETF working group)
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Media Gateways can be similarly integrated using MAPS[TM] software products, for Media Gateways high density T1 E1 Cards and MAPS[TM] Megaco or MAPS[TM] MGCP is required.
8220;MAPS[TM] MEGACO or MAPS[TM] MGCP can be configured with T1 E1 trunks to simulate a Trunking Media Gateway.
The enhancements to the MEGACO toolkit represent the latest execution point of our strategy to be a one-stop-shop for all IP-based protocol toolkits to the global developer community," said Eli Doron, chief technology officer of RADVISION.
RADVISION has added IPv6 and ATM support to its MEGACO Toolkit.
The MEGACO signaling protocol is incorporated within Netergy's Veracity software suite available on the Audacity-T2 and Audacity-T2U based platforms.
The addition of the MEGACO protocol stack, as well as the Linux-based versions, enhance our position in offering a comprehensive suite of signaling protocols to our IP telephony customers," said Dr.
ipGen, using our MEGACO expertise, was able to lend core technology components gleaned from our protocol stack and softswitch technology to the design of GN Nettest's MEGACO interEMULATOR," said Ron Goldman, Vice President of Marketing for ipGen, Inc.
The ProtoQuick (TM) MEGACO Stack is a part of HSS' offering for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Networks.